To check your subscription details.

  1. Go to the dashboard.
    StoryXpress 8 2

  2. Select the billing and subscription option.
    StoryXpress 7 1
  3. Click on details.
    Screenshot from 2022 02 22 18 55 01 2.png 1366×768 2


Once done you will be able to view below available details:

Started on: Date of subscription started.

Next billing date: Date of next billing cycle

Base cost: Cost of base plan

Total users: Total number of users in the workspace

Additional per-user cost: If any extra member is added to the workspace, charges will be shown accordingly.

Additional users (not covered in base plan): Number of additional users added to the workspace.

Total amount: View the total amount.

Total amount due: View the amount to be paid.

Please note:

  • Billing and subscription options will only be available to the owner of the workspace.