In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to generate an API key for StoryXpress.

API keys allow StoryXpress (third-party Solution Provider) to access your Walmart Marketplace account data. Only sellers with admin-level access can generate API keys.

NOTE: If you do not have admin-level access, reach out to your Walmart account administrator or StoryXpress at for help.

Generate an API Key

Step 1 – Get Started

Log in to Seller Center.

Step 2 – Access API Key Management

Select the Settings tab in the top navigation and select API Key Management. On the API Integration screen, select API Key Management.

Step 3 – Add a New Key

You will be redirected to the Developer Portal. Enter your login information. On the API page, select the Add New Key For A Solution Provider button.

Step 4 – Choose StoryXpress as the Solution Provider

From the drop-down list, choose “StoryXpress”. Select Next.

Step 5 – Choose Permissions

For “Content” and “Items” under “Item Management”, click on the drop-down and select “Full Access”. When you’re done, choose Submit.

Step 6 – Grant Access

On the next page, find “StoryXpress” and you will see your Client ID and Client Secret. Copy these into your clipboard.

Step 7 – Configure StoryXpress

Go to StoryXpress E-commerce Integrations. Paste the Client ID and Client Secret into the box. Once done, click on  “Connect”.

StoryXpress Walmart Integration Configuration

Once done, your Walmart seller account will be connected to StoryXpress. This will allow you to verify your Walmart Seller identity and set you up to create videos for your products.

In case of any concerns or queries, please email us at and we will help you out.