Request your viewers to “record a video reply” after they watch your video.

What you need to do:

  • Record your video and go to the video page.
  • Toggle on the ‘Beta’ option.
    StoryXpress Dashboard 15
  • Click on preview, ‘Record a reply’ button will be available .

What your viewers need to do:

  • Click on the video URL.
  • Click on the ‘Record a Reply’ button.

    StoryXpress 2022 06 14T131751.468

  • Enter the video title and their email ID.
    StoryXpress 2022 06 14T131855.623
  • Select the recording mode and grant permission to the camera and mic.
    StoryXpress 2022 06 14T132237.028
  • Once they have recorded the video they will need to enter the video description and click on send.
    StoryXpress 2022 06 14T132112.771

Please note:
1. Your viewers need not to sign up or install the extension to record the video.
2. All the replies will be available under the ‘ See video replies’ option.