What is the use of Marketo Integration?

Marketo integration allows you to share captured leads from StoryXpress CTA Form or Email UTM to Marketo collection. Viewer Activities are also shared with Marketo. Marketo Operators can also create automation workflows based on the below-mentioned activities. The viewer activities are listed below :

  • Video Watch Percentage
  • Form Submission
  • CTA click 

What you’ll need?

StoryXpress account with an Integration plan activated.

Capture More Leads With In-video Marketo Forms

Want to know how?


Steps on the Marketo platform

To integrate with StoryXpress we need to some prerequisites step, there is 3 step that Marketo has already listed out just follow along with these steps.

How to set up Marketo integration?

  • Under workspace in the sidebar menu, click on Integrations.
  • Now click on the “Get App” button mentioned right next to Marketo



  • A popup will come which will ask for Client Id and Client Secret from Launchpoint services, also a rest API endpoint.


  • You can find Client Id and Client Secret from the custom service that you already created from the above steps

  • To find the Rest API Endpoint Go to “Web Services” In your Marketo Admin portal and Scroll down to the Rest API section

How to use Marketo integration?

  • Go to your video and Add the CTA form to it.
  • You will see the Marketo icon, click on it to make that form response available on your Marketo account.

Pro Tip:-  While sharing a video link add Email UTM to the video URL by adding ? This way all video activities will be attached to the email and will be synced to your Marketo account. 

StoryXpress Events in Contact Timeline

Your connected Marketo account will get all the video activities listed below for every identified viewer. StoryXpress Timeline Activities are as follows:-

  • Form Submission
  • CTA button clicks
  •  Watch Percentage (1% – 100%)

Capture More Leads With In-video Marketo Forms

Want to know how?