What is the use of Slack Webhook Integration?

Webhook allows you to listen to various triggers that occur on StoryXpress. After a trigger is activated a user can attach the Slack channel to listen for the trigger and its details.

The various triggers that are available for users are listed below-

  • New video view
  • New video uploaded/recorded
  • Video Watch Percentage
  • Form Submission
  • CTA click 
  • Video Watch Percentage of more than 25%
  • Video Watch Percentage of more than 50%
  • Video Watch Percentage of more than 75%
  • Video Watch Percentage equal to 100%

What you’ll need 

A StoryXpress account with Pro plan or above activated.

How to set up Slack integration?

  1. You can visit the Integrate with Slack article to connect your Slack account, once connected you will see Slack appear in ‘My Integration’ section.
  2. Now click on the settings icon on the Slack card, you will see a dropdown in which you have to click on the Webhook button.

  3. You will be redirected to the Configure new webhook page, click on the ‘Create New Hook’ button available on the top right it will open a new modal to select different triggers.
  4. From the modal, you can configure
    1. Which type of Trigger to listen
    2. Apply this trigger on whole workspace videos or a particular video
    3. Which Slack channel you want to get notified
  5. Once done you click on Submit and enjoy a custom StoryXpress notification on your slack channel and take action through it.Slack Webhooks

StoryXpress Notifications in Slack

Your connected Slack account will get all the trigger notifications, which will look like this:-

Slack Webhooks

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