Adding a form in your video on StoryXpress Dashboard to capture the leads is easy, follow these steps:

1. Open the video to which you want to add form.
2. Select option ‘ CTAs’

StoryXpress 64 1

3. Select ‘Forms’ options.

StoryXpress 63 1

4. Select the ‘create new form’ option or use the form from one of the integrations.

Screenshot from 2022 03 10 19 24 38.png 1366×768

5. Adjust the settings.

StoryXpress 67 1

a. Add the form title.
b. Turn the toggle on if you want the viewers to skip the form option.
c. Set the timing when you want your form to show in the whole video.
d. Add Fields and also you can mark them as required if the detail is necessary.
e. You can turn on the toggle if you want to get the user’s consent.
f. Set/change the button label.

6. Once done, you can hit ‘Apply’ to save the changes.