You can now enable the SEO on a video such that your video starts ranking in search results. Now you can make your videos SEO proof directly from the StoryXpress video edit page.

How to enable SEO?

  • Select the video you want to enable SEO on, click to edit it.
  • On the video edit page, at the bottom right you will find an option to enable/disable SEO.
    Screenshot 2022 03 10 at 5.43.03 PM

  • Enable the switch, a pop-up will open that will validate if your video is allowed to enable the SEO. This validates the title and description which are the most important entities to be present for getting a positive ranking on the SEO score by any crawler.
    image 25
  • Validate the given pointers to enable SEO
    image 23
  • Once SEO is enabled, you can check your SEO score and try to increase it to 100% to be able to have the best rank possible. You can check your scores at the bottom right and open the modal to see what are the pointers that can increase your SEO score.
    image 24
    image 27
Start enabling SEO on your videos to have some visibility on global search. Give us feedback about this feature: