1. Login to your StoryXpress account.
  2. Click the StoryXpress icon (Now visible in your Chrome toolbar).
    Screenshot from 2022 03 07 19 06 24.png 1366×768 4

Please note: If you still don’t see it. Download the StoryXpress extension from here. Click on the three dots on the top right of your chrome and log in to your StoryXpress account.
      3. Select the desired screen mode either ‘Screen’ or ‘This tab’ to record.
      4. Turn off the toggle for the camera bubble.

Screenshot 2021 08 17 at 7 23 12 PM
      5. If you wish to use your profile picture in the camera bubble :
          a. Click on advanced options and permissions.
          b. Tick mark the ‘use picture’ option.

In case you do not want to view the camera bubble option, please ensure to untick the ‘Use picture’ option.

Screenshot from 2022 03 09 16 06 10.png 1366×768