To create a reply link please refer to the below steps:

  • In the sidebar, click on the “Video Inbox”. This tab will store all your incoming video requests.
    image 7

  • On the Video Inbox page, you will see the option to “Generate Reply Link”. So you create a link that you can share with multiple users to get video recordings.
    image 8
  • Click on “Generate Reply Link”, a modal opens up. You can add in a “Use case” and description, that will create a new folder, where all the incoming recordings from this link will be stored. You can share this folder with any of your team members while creating the link or you can do that later on also.
    image 9
  • Once the link is created, you will see the new folder in the Video inbox list with options to edit the folder name and description, customize the record link page, copy link, etc. I created a new link with the name “Testimonials”, to fetch product testimonials from my users.
    image 10

  • ¬†You can copy the link using the copy URL button and share it with any of your users.
    image 11
  • This is how your video reply link looks. End-user can add an email, and start recording. Once he successfully records a video, he can Submit it and that video will come in your “Testimonials” folder.
    image 12
  • You can view user recording in a list with their email IDs.