What is Thumbnail Embedding?

Embedding a Thumbnail enables you to post any Thumbnail directly to an e-mail with the provided code.

How to embed a Thumbnail?

To embed the Thumbnail please refer to the below step:

1. Go to the dashboard.
2. Select the Thumbnail you wish to embed.
3. Click on the ‘share’ option on the right side of the video thumbnail.

StoryXpress Dashboard

Or you can open the video and then click on the share option.

StoryXpress Dashboard 2

4. A pop will open where you can embed the thumbnail, click on “copy the code” and paste it into any of your e-mail composers.

StoryXpress Dashboard 3

5. You can also change the width size and click on “copy code”

StoryXpress 94 png 813×390 2

6. Paste this code into your e-mail composer.

Inbox 335 neeti storyxpress co Express Video Technologies Private Limited Mail

In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to .