Glitchy video

If your video appears glitchy, goes blank in between or has greyed out parts, you can reach out to us with the respective video link, we can certainly try recovering your video. The recovery is not 100% guaranteed but in order to avoid these problems, we recommend:

  • Avoiding unnecessary pause in the videos
  • Clear your browser cache if this issue is recurring

Uploading issues

If your video upload is stuck or taking too long, please follow the following steps to retry:

  • Click on the StoryXpress Recorder icon on top right
  • The plugin window displays an option to retry or cancel the upload. Hit “Retry”
  • It will re-initiate your video upload

Video record upload issue

P.s: If your video keeps failing to upload after hitting “retry”, please check for your Internet connection stability. We recommend a good internet connection with at least 5Mbps or above for smoother experience.