Confused about how to manage those frames? Just stick with us for a while longer and soon you will know how to do Videos like a Pro

How to choose between frame types?

There are two options in the intro and outro frame:

– One having just the logo
– The other having the logo along with the product name and a picture.

  • Click on the ‘+’ icon

    manage frames


  • Select the frame type


Select the frame type


How to add the frames?

  • Click on the plus icon beneath the frames on the left side.
  • A choice between the video or picture type is available.

Please refer to the screenshots above.

How to duplicate, add, delete a slide or set it as a thumbnail?

duplicate, add, delete a slide

  • Hover on the slide, you will find these controls
  • The star icon allows you to set the frame as the thumbnail of the video
  • The next allows you to duplicate the slide
  • The ‘X‘ allows you to delete the slide
  • +‘ icon allows you to add another slide, here you can choose whether to add a slide with an image or a video


Choose slide type

Note: There are a minimum number of frames and more than that can’t be deleted.

What are the grids for?

Grids can be used to check elements’ positioning on the frame. Useful for aligning and balancing your designs.


Video creator Grid option