Use This Email Hack To Find Out Who Watched Your Video

Want to know which customers, prospects or newsletter subscribers watched your video?

Instead of just adding your video link like this while embedding it to mails

Add the email parameter to it like this{{.Email}}

And then in your video analytics, you track the video engagement.

  • A few of the use cases for this hack can be:
  • Find out who is engaging with your video: It will help you to upselling or converting cold leads to hot ones.
  • Who is missing out on your mails: You can also send them a reminder mail requesting to check out the video

Find out when did a user drop off: Was it when you started talking about the features or is it when your CTA came up? This will help you to create more personalized videos thus helping you to convey your message in a better way.

Check out this video to know the details: