What is the use of Pipedrive Integration?

Pipedrive integration allows you to share captured leads from StoryXpress Form CTA to Pipedrive collection. StoryXpress App Panel is also available for the contacts in Pipedrive, if StoryXpress has any video watches for the emailId then all video information will be shared inside Pipedrive.

List of Videos watched along with

  • Number of times video shown to the contact
  • Number of time video was played
  • Contact Location 
  • Contact Device
  • Number of times CTA click on that video
  • Number of times Form Submitted on that video

What you’ll need 

StoryXpress account with Integration plan activated.

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How to set up Pipedrive integration?

  • Under workspace in the sidebar menu, click on Integrations [Button] 
  • Search for Pipedrive and click on “Get App”

  •  Sign in to your Pipedrive account via the given prompt in order to authorise the request. You’ve now integrated your StoryXpress account with Pipedrive.

How to use Pipedrive integration?

  •  Go to your video and Add the CTA form to it.
  • You will see a Pipedrive icon, click on it to make that form response available on your Pipedrive account.
  • Add Default StoryXpress Form or Pipedrive Custom Form.
  • Now, whenever a user fills out a form on StoryXpress video your Pipedrive account will be updated with this contact

StoryXpress App Panel in Pipedrive

The main deal of Pipedrive Integration is the App panel shown below the contact profile on the left side. There you can find a StoryXpress Panel that lists down all the videos that your contact has watched along with the analytics stored in StoryXpress for that contact.


Capture More Leads With In-video Pipedrive Forms

Setup Sales Automation using videos