To cancel your ongoing subscription please refer to the below steps:

1. Go to the dashboard.

StoryXpress 5 3

2. Select the billing and subscription options.
3. Click on the Products option.
4. Click on details.

StoryXpress 6 15. Select ‘Downgrade Subscription to free’

Screenshot from 2022 02 21 19 33 03.png 1366×768 1

6. Hit ‘OK’ in the pop box.

Once done, your plan will be downgraded to a free plan and will not be charged from the next billing cycle.

Please note:

  • Billing and subscription options will only be available to the owner of the workspace.
  • The plan will be downgraded at the end of the billing cycle
  • All videos over the limit will be archived
  • StoryXpress default style will be applied