How can an image be edited?

  • Select the image
  • An Image Control Panel appears on the topImage Control Panel
  • Following edits can be made: (moving from left to right)

    -Rectangular cropping
    -Changing the image (You can either upload a new media or choose from the media manager)
    -Flipping the image
    -Resizing the image (Either increase or decrease the size of the image)
    -Resetting the size (It brings the image to the original size)
    -Resetting the position (It brings back the image to the original position)
    – Deleting the image

How to add pointers?

  • Click on the image
  • Click the add Pointer Button  control_point

Pointer Button

  • radio_button_checked  this allows to add a pointer and give a zooming effect on the image
  • brightness_1 this allows to add the pointer but gives no zoom-in effect
  • cancel  this allows the image to have no pointer but adds the zoom-in effect
  • not_interested this removes the zoom-in effect as well as the pointer
  • To change the pointer color- Select the pointer >> click on the Colour Palette color_lens which appears in the menu  >> choose the color 

What is a Video Control pane?

When a video is added to the frame and clicked, this pane appears.

Video Control pane
This pane includes the following:

  • There is a video trimmer as the first option (you can use this tool to trim the video and put the part of the video that you need to be played on the frame)
  • The video can be changed or replaced with the other contents of the media manager.
  • The size of the video can also be adjusted with the help of the tools available.
  • The video can be muted with the help of  volume_up
  • You can delete the video by using delete icon.

How to edit the text?

  • Select the text, and ‘Editing controls‘ will come on the top

    Editing controls
  • It has the following features:

               -Bold, Italic, Underlined 

               -Setting up the font size, font style, the alignment of the text 

               -The font color can also be changed & a new color can be added by clicking on the ‘plus’ button. (for
the icon refer to the screenshots above)

How to add numbering or bullets?

    -Bullets and numbering can be put by using the option (refer to the screenshot above)

How to adjust line-height?

 -Click the line height and adjust it accordingly (refer to the screenshot above)